FAQ – SA Program in France

Why study abroad in France?
Why choose ECLEE’s French study abroad programs?
Is studying abroad safe?
At ECLEE, we’re committed to ensuring the full safety and security of our students. We are confident that our processes and procedures for placing students in lodging and throughout their travel are safe and dependable. Included in our pricing is comprehensive travel insurance that provides peace of mind for emergencies or contingencies. We also offer students the option of having a local cell telephone for the duration of their stay, and we require our students to notify us immediately if there are any concerns or emergencies.
Do I need a passport to study abroad?
Yes, you need a current US-government-issued passport, no exceptions. If you don’t have a passport or if yours is expiring soon, apply for one or renew it far in advance of your travel dates, as the process can take several weeks. ECLEE requires passport information no later than one month before the program start date.
Do I need a visa to study abroad?
Student visas depend on the length of stay. For the usual short-term programs, a regular tourist visa is sufficient, as students typically stay in France for no more than three months. If you intend to stay at your internship longer, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can help you in applying for the correct visa..
Do I have to be a US citizen to study abroad?
No, anyone enrolled in an accredited institution can apply. However, other nationalities can apply but will need student visas. Citizens from the US, Canada, and other countries that have visa waiver agreements with France do not need visas. For further information, please visit the Consulate General of France websit
How long are ECLEE’s French study abroad programs and what do they cover?
We offer two different opportunities to study in France:


Our two-week fall program is based in the beautiful city of Lille in northern France, centrally located between Brussels, London, and Paris. You will attend classes at the University of Lille 2 that cover the fundamentals of international business, France and the European Union, and cultural diversity, as well as group work with local students. We will also visit French cultural sites in Paris and Lille, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, and EuraTechnologies (Lille’s center for cutting-edge technology), as well as get a behind-the-scenes tour of Châteaux de Versailles. We’ll also travel to the cosmopolitan city of Brussels, Belgium, home of the European Union. Here, we’ll tour the EU, talk with a commissionaire about EU policymaking, and visit the Atomium and other Belgian attractions.

Throughout our programs, you’ll hear guest speakers and lectures on a wide variety of European and international topics, so you can get a better worldview and global understanding of the history and culture you’re seeing. We also visit local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and chambers of commerce to get a glimpse of socio-economic life beyond what tourists commonly see. And you’ll also get to mix with native French and other international students in our highly interactive business classes.

This program allows you to complete 5 to 6 transferrable credits in Cultural Diversity, Humanity and Sciences, Introduction to International Business, and other elective credits (please check with your academic advisor) while experiencing life abroad. It is designed to allow for both learning and time to explore Lille, Paris, Brussels, and other sites around Europe at an affordable cost.


Our four-to-six-week summer programs, in collaboration with the Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles and the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, offers you a unique opportunity to pursue arts-related academic research with unprecedented access to the rich resources of the Versailles palace and the treasures of Paris.

Students embark on this program with an original research proposal that opens doors to the hidden archives, ancient libraries, world-renowned museums, and famous research institutes of France. Over the course of your stay, you’ll not only explore the country’s rich history and world-class institutions, but also be exposed to new ideas, research methodologies, and the vast experience of experts, teachers, and fellow researchers.

This intensive summer program alternates between morning seminars that focus on research methodology and afternoon workshops where students perform practical research and work under the supervision of an instructor. Studying at Versailles is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, a crucial foundation for your career and self-growth, not to mention an unforgettable journey.

This program allows you to complete 30 ECTS transferrable credits, or 20 ACTS in Culture, Humanity, Language, Art History, French, Classics, History, Musicology, International/European studies, and Literature. Credits are awarded by the University of Versailles.

Will I earn credits while I’m studying abroad?
Depending on which ECLEE program you enroll in, you’ll earn transferable credits in Cultural Diversity, Humanity and Sciences, International Business, Language, Art History, French, Classics, History, Musicology, International/European studies, Literature, and other elective credits. Our syllabus has been designed based on the American Credit Transfer System (ACTS) and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) requirement for credit hours and teaching.
Will my credits transfer?
The syllabus has been designed based on the American Credit Transfer System (ACTS) and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) requirement for credit hours and teaching. We are confident that your credits will transfer to your home institution; however we advise you to contact us with any concerns at contact@eclee.eu.
Do I need to be a language major to enroll in your study abroad program? And are all your programs taught in English?
No. Most of our programs are taught in English, which is the universal international language of business. However, a few of our programs are offered in French; if so, it will be clearly stated on our program brochures and announcements. Our study abroad programs are open to all majors. We welcome diversity, not just in ethnicity but also in academic disciplines.
Will I have a chance to practice my French? What if I’m interested in language immersion?
Oui! We highly encourage language immersion for our students. A unique feature of ECLEE’s classroom learning is that we mix American students with French and other international students in a fun, informal setting, so you have plenty of opportunity to interact with your peers from other countries—and practice your French.

If you’re interested in learning or improving your foreign language skills, we offer an on-site intensive program that immerses you in French while still providing all instruction in English.

Is there a minimum age requirement to study abroad with ECLEE?
For college students, the minimum age requirement is 18 years of age by the start date of the study abroad program. Some exceptions may apply; for example, students enrolled in Running Start programs are eligible. For high school students, the minimum age is 15.
Does ECLEE offer any high school programs?
Yes, ECLEE offers programs for high school students with opportunities for STEM education, cultural diversity, and studying abroad. For more information, please click here, or contact us for more details at contact@eclee.eu
Do you offer any graduate short programs?
ECLEE does offer short programs for graduate students, mainly those in their final years of pursuing their Masters, MBAs, and engineering degrees. Our two-week intensive program combines seminars given by subject matter experts with site visits to companies, startups, and cultural attractions. These programs are based on special themes and are conducted in different locations every semester..
Does ECLEE offer internships in Europe?
One of the amazing opportunities offered by ECLEE is the chance to truly experience French business culture and methods through internships. ECLEE places each student in real French businesses for project work or part-time internships; we feel this is a vital part of understanding the culture and learning international business practices.
What are student accommodations like?
Students stay in clean, comfortable, fully furnished apartments that afford easy access to the city of Lille, Paris, and Versailles. Linens are provided, and the apartments are also equipped with kitchens.
How much do ECLEE’s study abroad programs cost and what do they include?
Thanks to its partnership with government institutions and corporations, ECLEE’s study-abroad program fees are partially subsidized, so our pricing is somewhat lower than other comparable programs. However, costs do vary from year to year due to fluctuating exchange and inflation rates.

Click here to see our current programs.

Example of a two-week program in Lille, France*

What is included?

• Tuition for 5 to 6 credits

• Arrival party

• Site orientation and walking tour of Lille (for Lille Program)

• Housing and accommodation for 14 nights (for the 2-week program)

• Transcripts

• Course materials

• Local transportation/Metro card

• Planned cultural visits, including trips to Paris and Brussels

• One meal per weekday provided by the university

What is not included?

• Airfare

• Meals (other than the one meal per weekday provided by the university)

• Passport and visa fees

• Personal expenses

• Telephone expenses

• Extra travel expenses

• Anything not specified as included in the program

* Please note that the above is for general example purposes only; for more details on specific programs, please consult our Current Programs.

Can I use financial aid to study abroad?
Financial aid awarded through your home institution may apply to program fees. Please contact your home school financial aid office for more information.
Does ECLEE offer any scholarships?
Scholarship opportunities may be available if the financial need is deemed substantial. Please contact us for more information at admin@eclee.eu
How do I apply?
Please download our online registration form by clicking here. Once we receive your application, we’ll review your information and contact you within 48 hours.
What are the application deadlines?
We offer spring, summer, and fall sessions, and application deadlines are generally two to three months before the program start date. Please see our Current Programs.