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Europe Address: 5 Residence Citeaux,Avenue Mormal Parc St-Maur 59000, Lille
USA Address: ECLEE : Office of the Chancellor, 3800 N. Anthony Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46805 (USA)
Tel: +1 425 429 5067

Course Description

Global Project Management Certificate, CERT 507


This Global Project Management Certification program provides participants with comprehensive approach to the different Project Management certifications and standards. It provides a systems view of business conducted in the industry worldwide. The Certification program will help the individuals to collaborate effectively with project managers across the globe. Open to individuals with experience in any industry who have the desire to take their career to next level, they will benefit consequently from this program by:

  • Developing their understanding of fundamentals of Project Management and the skills needed to understand the different project management standards and certification (PMP, PRINCE 2, MSP, and P2M).
  • Building their capability to implement project management tools and techniques in their current profession.
  • Operating with awareness of the significance of project management at the enterprise level

Course objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of Project Management and integration principles
  • Know the Project Management Standards and Certifications
  • Understand fundamental differences and similarities between the different project management certifications and standards
  • Appreciate today’s evolving multicultural world and understand cultural diversity and importance of communication and attitude
  • Recognize philosophy in business
  • Have an active and productive participation in a dynamic project environment
  • Use basic project management tools and technique for project definition and the management process
  • Understand the role of a project manager in a project team and/or project-based organization.
  • Demonstrate competence using project management certified “tools” in achieving quantifiable results.


Candidates should have a minimum of three years work experience, English reading comprehension level of a high school graduate, and general proficiency in using Windows-based computer software.

Who should Attend

This training is suitable and open for anyone who:

  • Project Managers engaged on international assignment
  • Professionals engaged in project with multiple stakeholders (Asia, Europe, Australia)
  • Any Project Manager who wants to be effective in collaborating globally with other Project Managers around the world
  • Project Managers seeking to understand and master the needed soft skills to be an effective Global Project Manager (Leadership, Doing Business Across Culture).
  • Project Managers that wants to understand different Project Management Standards
  • Project Manager that collaborate with colleagues, partners, and suppliers across the world
  • Project managers who wants to develop their career internationally

Program Outline

Module 1: Project, Program and Portfolio Management
  • Fundamentals of Project Management that includes project definition, project management definition, Project management handbook and guides, project management process and knowledge areas
  • Management activities and roles: projects vs. operations
  • Polysemic nature of the concept of ‘project’
  • The concept of ‘project’
  • Project Management competence

Module 2: Project Management Certifications and Standards
  • PMP – Project Management Professional
  • PRINCE2® – PRojects IN Controlled Environments
  • MSP® – Managing Successful Programs”

Module 3: Project Performance Assessment
  • Different Project Management Capabilities
  • Three capabilities link to different kinds of success and each have their own success criteria
  • Complexity and Project management
  • Success factors
  • Organizational dependence on projects
  • Developing a project performance assessment model

Module 3: Conducting Business and Collaborating Across-Culture
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Cultural Diversity Map
  • Diversity and Individual Differences – Communication
  • Diversity and Individual Differences – Attitude
  • Country Analyses Process