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Course Description

Lean Plus, CERT 5031


Russ Coombs

Mr. Russ Coombs is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a Project Management professional. He has
over 25 years of experience leading operations, strategy, and process improvement in higher education,
manufacturing, customer service, and engineering businesses. His clients include Conoco-Phillips,
Honeywell, the aerospace industry, manufacturers like Flowserve, and the recreation/travel industry. He
has 15 years of experience directly leading people and programs and building solid organizations
through communication, problem-solving and motivational skills. Mr. Coombs has also spent 10 years
directly transforming businesses through Lean, Six Sigma, change management, and business process
methods by focusing on exceeding goals and driving breakthrough results. Russ holds a BS in electrical
engineering from the University of Wyoming and an MBA from the University of Washington.



This course covers principles of lean manufacturing using a Six Sigma methodology and structure.
Specific areas of study include value stream mapping with value add analysis, the eight wastes, pull systems, Kaizen, Kanban deployment, the 5Ss, load balancing, and lean supply chain management.

Course Objectives

  • Describe overview and history of lean and six sigma and total quality management.
  • Use and understand quality functional deployment and spaghetti diagrams.
  • Develop value stream map and analyze.
  • Understand and analyze eight types of waste for both manufacturing and transactional processes.
  • Use and understand activity of operator and product.
  • Develop and use time value maps.
  • Understand and use takt time and standard work.
  • Develop understanding of quick wins and Kaizen.
  • Demonstrate difference between push and pull systems.
  • Calculate process cycle time, process cycle efficiency, critical to work and inventory turns.
  • Demonstrate use of replenishment pull system.
  • Design and layout a work cell.
  • Articulate key features of a lean supply chain management system and inventory strategy.
  • Understand and eliminate process constraints.
  • Demonstrate use of quick setup or changeover techniques.
  • Use mistake proofing (Poke Yoke).
  • Use change management tools to improve buy-in of stakeholders.
  • Work successfully in teams.

Program Outline

Phase Lean Plus Module Name Lean Plus Day
(onsite program)
4xD + 3xM Welcome-History (intro to each other)
Expectations & Agenda
Change Mgmt & Team Effectiveness
Project Management
Dot Sim 1 (baseline)
Spaghetti Diagrams
Spaghetti Diagrams
3xM + 2xA Value Stream Map
Activity of Person, Product, Machine
Takt Time, Standard Work
Time Value Map / Line Balance
Quick Improvement, Kaizen
6A Setup Reduction, SMED
Dot Sim 2 (co lo)
Standard Work (paint)
Cell Layout
Cell Design
Lean Supply Chain
2xA + 3xI + 3xC Managing Resistance
KanBan Intro
Dot Sim 3 (improved)
Mistake Proofing
Making Change Last
3xC Dashboard & Metrics Intro (airplane)
Course Review
Lean Plus Knowledge Survey


Candidates should have a minimum understanding of basic mathematics and statistics, the English
reading comprehension level of a high school graduate, and general proficiency in using Windows-based
computer software.

Who Should Attend

This training is suitable and open for anyone who wants to learn the fundamental skills necessary to
contribute to a Lean Plus team.


The evaluation criteria is a passing of the Green Belt Certification practice exams.

Delivery Options

Online Instructor Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5 PM to 7 PM (PST)
Online office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 5 PM to 8:15 PM
Onsite: Saturdays and evenings
Course Time: 8 AM to 12 noon PM (4 hours); 1 PM to 4 PM Saturday
Place: Employment Resource Center (ERC)/Business Training Center (Everett, WA) or in company
Length of Course: 40 hours