Djagora Academy® Finishing School


The rise in unemployment is having a major impact on young people in higher education around the world, especially those who have followed a course in public education. This constitutes a major obstacle to economic development. On the one hand we have companies looking for talented young people with very specific skills, on the other hand we have more and more young people who choose higher education courses by default or by spite.

The aim of the Djagora Academy® Finishing School program is to accelerate their employability. It is mainly intended for students who are recent graduates or at the end of their Bachelor’s, Master’s or Engineer’s degree programs.

The DjA-FS program is based on 3 essential pillars

  • The savoir-être
  • The know-how
  • The realization of prototype

Over a period of 5 to 6 months students will develop all the skills sought by employers by putting into practice all the theoretical knowledge learned during their academic course.

Each student will have the opportunity to practice their skills in “critical thinking” by the design and written formalization of a real problem in project, the mobilization of all stakeholders through training Leadership, communication around of the project through training in Digital Marketing, project management thanks to SCRUM Agile, teamwork thanks to the Leadership immersion camp during the integration week. Finally, the entrepreneurial approach through participation in competitions for startups and trade shows. Students who have participated in the program benefit from professional certifications such as Six Sigma, Digital Marketing, and SCRUM Agile internationally recognized. Our students stand out by having had the opportunity to apply all the tools related to these professional certifications in real projects and in an environment that encourages risk taking. The role of mentors remains key in the realization of this program.

Djagora Academy®
High School

This program was inspired by the Leonardo da Vinci – Penelope research program co- piloted by ECLEE and funded by the European Commission whose aim was to provide a relevant solution to the orientation of young high school students. The object is to set up a model that can provide a concrete solution to the serious problem of orientation and the choice of higher education pathway that young graduates are experiencing.

Djagora Academy® High School is aimed at high school students who will follow about 100 hours of classes and tutorials, and will participate in the co-organization of conferences on new jobs, high demand sectors etc.

Theorical class  

The courses will cover modules such as:

  • Leadership and Personal Development
  • Self-confidence
  • Discover its potential
  • Develop a personal ethic


  • Communication workshops (speaking, articulation, phonetics …)
  • English language workshops
  • Participations in Community projects
  • Participation in international projects in Africa (conferences, interactions with European, American and African students visiting Senegal etc …)

Guest Speakers

  • The professions of the future
  • Which job to choose?
  • How to manage a career on a professional and personal level
  • How to grasp the challenges of globalization?
  • Better understand geopolitics and position oneself

Objectives of the program

Djagora Academy is a program for high school students. The goal is to prepare them optimal subject to integrate their graduate studies. It features a series of contributions by experts and international professionals on the history of science, globalization, leadership and communication. High school students are also introduced to project management with a concrete initiative deployed within the school.

Organization of courses

The program consists of five courses, for a volume of 100 hours. The courses alternate masterful presentation to all students and work in subgroups. The quality course consists of setting up a concrete project within the school.

Terms of examination

The Djagora Academy courses give rise to a knowledge check to ensure that the high school student has assimilated the fundamentals of each course. Some students have the opportunity to pass a professional certification such as the Digital Marketing Associate.

Interested by the curriculum of the university ?

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