ECLEE creates tools, approaches, and strategies for political, institutional, and economic organizations to promote nondiscriminatory practices in education, employment., and intercultural management.

Omero Marongiu-Perria and Nara Ritz have recognized expertise at the European level on issues relating to the practice of Islam and Travelers and on intercultural management. For over 15 years, they have been involved in local, national and European projects and they are building training courses for field workers and organizations.


  • Creation of CNFPT, the first training course for French municipal police officers on cultural mediation, awareness of issues specific to the treatment of minorities, and networks for helping marginalized populations.
  • Development of expertise for Roma and Travelers for the international human rights organization Council of Europe.
  • Development of training courses on intercultural management and nondiscrimination for entities such as social landlords, local authorities, and public and private institutions.
  • Creation of decision support tools on issues related to religious practice for local authorities and businesses.

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