Be a Leader

Why Train for Leadership?

Leadership is above all a state of mind that helps us make sense of our lives and motivates us to move forward while persuading others to follow us. ECLEE’s unique leadership training allows you to develop your mindset and exercise your leadership with purpose, grace, and focus. Our programs are interactive and each module contains both individual exercises and group work.

Module 1


Principles of general leadership and management, The importance of individual and collective performance, Introduction to the Leadership Diamond®

Module 2

Outer Diamond®

Leadership capacity and the attributes to manage the outer Diamond®
Courage, Ethics, Vision, and Reality

Module 3

Inner Diamond®

Leadership readiness or The attributes required to effectively manage the Inner Diamond®

Module 4

The 4Ds of the Successful Manager

Define – Diagnose – Design – Deploy


Be a Leader

Why Attend This Training?

This seminar will help you become your best ally and be the best version of yourself. Our unique Leadership Diamond® tools and methodology will help you access the Diamond already within you.

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