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A country’s competitiveness lies in its ability to innovate, particularly in its courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. While focusing on innovation and creativity, ECLEE’s “STEM Plus” program combines inspiration, globalization, languages, culture, international mobility and direct contact with entrepreneurs, researchers and other professionals to better understand the world. in which we live and prepare tomorrow’s.

The STEM Plus program imagined by ECLEE is delivered through a variety of programs, based on the Leadership Diamond®, a methodology designed to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Developed by renowned philosopher and philosopher Dr. Peter Koestenbaum, Leadership Diamond® aims to uncover talents and promote human values by creating bridges that value the individual in the world of work.


ECLEE conceives its STEM Plus program from a simple but essential philosophical question: “What must we change in our mind to innovate in the outside world? We firmly believe that the sooner a young person faces this questioning, the more likely he is to achieve results and accomplish great things.

Our priority through this program is to reveal the full potential of high school students by identifying their passions, developing their knowledge and giving them the opportunity to experiment, which really engages them in the heart of science and retains their interest and curiosity .

Another very important aspect: we ensure that students are in direct contact with success stories and recognized entrepreneurs who today rely on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for change the world.

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The whole team of ECLEE is at your disposal to answer your questions

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