ECLEE—European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education—is an independent institute specializing in educational innovation, created in 2004 in the USA and in 2006 in France.

Our History

The European Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership and Education (ECLEE) is an independent educational institution that bridges academia with the needs of global industry by promoting employability, nondiscrimination, leadership, people skills, and innovative curricula.

Since 2004 in the United States and 2006 in France, we’ve developed diverse tools, training, and methodologies to promote economic development, employment opportunity, and equality policies across several continents.

Based in Lille, France, ECLEE develops its missions with academic, institutional, and commercial partners in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia to offer educational tools, certified training courses, and strategic tools promoting equality.

Our Expertise

With our flexibility, creativity, and expertise, we build many bridges between public and private partners in education and economic development. Since its creation, ECLEE has helped guide thousands of young people, professionals, and business leaders toward successful, truly fulfilling careers.



Leadership is above all a state of mind that helps us make sense of our lives and motivates us to move forward while persuading others to follow us. ECLEE allows you to develop your mindset and exercise your leadership with purpose, grace, and focus.

Lean Six Sigma

This methodology improves workplace efficiency and reduces waste by analyzing statistics and workflow processes. Industries of all types have used Lean Six Sigma to save significant costs and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

European Commission

ECLEE participates in several European Union Erasmus+ programs for skills development and support for employability, with a focus on innovation and the exchange of good practices.



Take our training lessons at your own pace wherever you are without constraints, thanks to the freedom offered by our e-learning platform. Our solutions combine video, audio, virtual classrooms, and virtual laboratories.


Offered in Europe, Africa, and North America, our certificates are internationally recognized (Diamond Leadership®, MIT, Lean Advancement Institute, and International Association for Six Sigma Certification).

Peak areas

We offer professional certificates in advanced fields such as new technologies and process management.

Our Team

Mahamouda Salouhou

Founder and Director

Aïcha Mekentichi

Executive Director

Omero Marongiu-Perria

Scientific and Educational Director

Christelle Bacqueville

Project Manager

Messaouda Amrani

Responsable Communication

Have a question? Want to meet us?

We would love to talk with you—our whole team is here to help!

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