Aïcha Mekentichi

Executive Director

Aïcha Mekentichi holds a degree in management and a master’s degree in human resources from Lille III University in France. Following her studies, she worked in public administration, overseeing the salaries of 10,000 employees, their career advancement, and her department’s annual budget. She later worked for a youth-oriented NGO that helped young people reintegrate into society with job training and life skills.

She studied in the United States (Seattle, Washington) in a program organized by ECLEE (European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education). She was so impressed with ECLEE’s educational mission with socio-economically disadvantaged youth that after completing the program, she began collaborating with the institution.

In her work with ECLEE, she has organized many different projects around international mobility and STEM. They include study-abroad programs for American students in France and French students visiting the American cities of Seattle and Fort Wayne, Indiana. She has also coordinated month-long STEM Plus programs for both French and African high school students in Silicon Valley, California, to introduce young people to science, technology, engineering, robotics, and computer programming, with visits to NASA, Facebook’s headquarters, and Stanford University.

She has also helped organize a Leadership Diamond® seminar in Versailles, France, for business executives from Europe and North America. Currently she is collaborating on a project led by the European Commission on advice and innovative guidance to define which are the best and / or ways of consulting to find an innovative new direction.

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