CATEGORY: Competences on the go

90 Degree Drilling Project

Course Access:Lifetime
Course Overview

Before the fasteners can be installed in this assembly, the assembly must be constructed and the holes prepared.

In this course, you’ll learn Recognize fastener location and identification information on an engineering drawing, you’ll learn to explain where to find the tools, fasteners, and other supplies needed to create the assembly, you’ll learn how to use a pneumatic torque tool to install a Hi-Lok collar, to use a hand tool to install a Hi-Lok collar, to use a rivet gun and bucking bar to install protruding head rivets, to use a drill motor and drill bit to remove the manufactured head of an installed rivet and you’ll learn to use a pin punch and ball peen hammer to remove the shank of an installed Hi-Lok.

Duration: 6 hours
6 modules


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