Since 2015, ECLEE has supported the development of Djagora University in Africa, which aims to participate in the economic development of the continent through education. Since the start of the 2016-2017 academic year, ECLEE has provided its expertise in educational innovation for the creation of the Djagora Academy (DjA) Finishing School program in Tunisia.

In partnership with the Technopole, the University, the International Polytechnic School of Private International (ESPIN), the Agency for Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII), U-Accelerator and Yousoft-It of the City of Sfax, DjA Finishing School allows students to create their own graduation project to put into practice the principles of leadership and entrepreneurship. The goal is simple: to develop the student’s leadership potential by initiating him to complete project management.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, a Factory Campus mentorship program was set up for two groups of students at the Sfax Faculty of Science.

It was spread over 6 months, 10 hours a day and 6 days a week, for a total of 1400 hours of support. Two innovative projects have been conducted: City Watch and City Clean , which consist of the use of new technologies to enable citizens to transmit information, in real time, on the state of roads, public facilities and the health situation. of a city (bulky objects, pollutants, etc.).

Two test applications were carried out by the students, through which they were gradually able to acquire polyvalent skills.

For the year 2017-2018, the new program of DjA Finishing School, is realized within the Technopole of Sfax. On the same model as the previous program, the students are working on a robot walk analyzer project and a Mobile sensoring project that extends the first two City Watch and City Clean projects.

The approach and pedagogical approach of DjA Finishing School are built on the employability support tools that ECLEE has developed at the crossroads of leadership and management through processes. DjA-FS accompanies the student to discover and develop his personal transformation potential to enable him to increase his employability tenfold

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