Through 180 Skills maker, the European Center for Leadership & Entrepreneurship Education and Djagora University offers a variety of Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing degree and certificate programs to begin your path toward becoming a skilled professional in an aerospace and advanced manufacturing -related field.
Attending our online classes allow you to receive a quality training experience that will prepare you for your career in Quality Assurance, Safety, Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing, Composites or even as an FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Professional.

You may choose from the following types of degrees:
• Associate of Applied Science (AAS),
• Bachelor of Science
• Technical Certificate (TC) or
• Certificate of Completion (COC)
Individual courses can also be taken as needed for those currently in the aviation field that want to advance their career or update technical knowledge.
Many of the courses can be taken as non-credit or credit courses through Djagora University or ECLEE.


Graduates of Career Programs have the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized certification from 180 Skills and SpaceTec®.

SpaceTEC is the National Science Foundation’s National Resource Center that promotes and educates candidates for technical employment. Its certification programs offer performance-based examinations that result in industry-driven, nationally recognized credentials that reflect the competencies employers demand. Certification exams are offered through a nation-wide consortium of community and technical colleges, universities, business and industry organizations, and government agencies.

Career Courses

Choose a course or degree type in the list below to get program features.

Advanced Manufacturing Professional

Aerospace Quality Professional Career Program

Aerospace Structures Professional

Apprentice Tool Maker

CNC Machining Center Professional

Composites Manufacturing & Repair Professional

Mechatronics & Industrial Automation Professional

Quality Assurance Professional

Safety Professional

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