ECLEE International

Our Partners around the World

Djagora University | SENEGAL

Djagora University is a private university with a University Institute of Technology, a Faculty of Sciences which delivers a degree course and a doctoral school in social sciences.

Jeunesse ACTIVE | Cameroon

Jeunesse ACTIVE is a association Engaged in the field of education and guidance, ACTIVE Youth acts concretely in:

  • Counseling, guidance and supervision of young people in their schooling, their professional training and even in their social difficulties;
  • Intercultural mediation, restoring sociability links between people living in the same environment
  • Support and accompaniment of youth entrepreneurship projects;
  • The fight against under-information and misinformation

Sans Piston | Morocco

With its innovative approach, Sans Piston highlights the skills and main character traits of professional strengths.

This evolution of recruitment allows each candidate to be recruited for both his know-how and his emotional intelligence; This allows him to reveal essential skills for the position to be filled that go beyond the simple CV.

I Gate International | Morocco

Private school accredited and recognized by the Moroccan State, offering diplomas of Technician, Specialized Technician, License, Master and Doctorate. It also offers a portfolio of continuing education that adapts to all levels and all ages.

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