What is
Lean Six Sigma ?

Lean Six Sigma is a process management method that improves efficiency, reduces waste, and increases quality in business. Process management uses collaborative team effort and statistical analysis to measure and eliminate the root causes of variability and defects rather than guesswork. Originally created for the manufacturing sector, Lean Six Sigma is now used by all types of organizations, industries, and services to improve performance, raise employee and customer satisfaction, and increase profits.

Process management has become an increasingly important part of business efficiency and economics. The international ISO 9001 standard has integrated the process approach into its quality approach, and many major companies and government organizations have implemented process management standards. Not only does Lean Six Sigma improve business performance, but it frequently sets the stage for positive organizational cultural change.

Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are based on a “Belt System” just like in the martial arts. The Belt color determines the level of expertise in Six Sigma Tools and Skills.

ECLEE specializes in Lean Six Sigma certification training that is accredited by both IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification) and LAI (Lean Advancement Institute) of MIT in the United States. we have translated the main Anglo-Saxon repository into French. Our comprehensive, face-to-face, e-learning course covers Lean principles in the healthcare field as well as the three levels of Six Sigma—Yellow, Green, and Black Belt.


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Our Yellow Belt program is for professionals with no prior knowledge or familiarity with the Lean Six Sigma approach. In this training, you will master the phases and steps of the Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC) as well as the fundamental tools of Lean management. A certified Yellow Belt is eligible to continue their training on the Green Belt level.


Our Green Belt program covers in-depth knowledge of the DMAIC method as well as key elements of the Lean Six Sigma approach. You will learn how to implement the main tools of Six Sigma on a real project and participate in actual Lean Six Sigma working groups in your company. Certified Green Belts are qualified to become team leaders and to continue their training on the Black Belt level.


Certified Black Belts are deeply knowledgeable in project management and all aspects of the Lean Six Sigma elements and implementation. They are qualified to supervise Six Sigma programs in their companies and can not only lead a program but also several Green Belt-managed projects.

SpaceTECH® Accredited Provider

ECLEE is proud to be a SpaceTec® and 180 Skills Accredited Curriculum Provider and exam center. An Accredited Curriculum Provider licenses Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing Career courseware to corporate programs, academic institutions, training organizations or individuals and has qualified for SpaceTec® Curriculum Accreditation.See the Accreditation.

The Council for Six Sigma Certification

The Council for Six Sigma Certification is a professional association devoted to maintaining minimum standards for both Six Sigma Certification and Lean Six Sigma Certification. See the Accreditation.

What the certified must know

Yellow Belt

  • History of the Lean, Six Sigma, and the Lean Six Sigma approaches
  • Complete analysis of the steps of a Lean Six Sigma program (DMAIC)
  • Implementation of a basic project and tracking skills required to work in Six Sigma logic

Green Belt


  • Precise application of the DMAIC method
  • Statistical tools of Lean Six Sigma and data analysis
  • Their application on concrete projects

Black Belt

  • Mastery of all the elements of Green Belt
  • Conditions and tools for piloting a Lean Six Sigma program
  • Implementation of the continuous improvement approach
  • In-depth measurement and analysis

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